Personal Memorable Moments of 2010

Reflecting on the past year is always a good way to remember everything we have to be thankful for. Here are some of my most memorable moments.

  • Italy in Jan

We drove from Germany, through the Alpine region and Trentino, back towards Lake Garda in the end of Winter. All was still and silent, and I took quiet walks by the lake with my baby bundle while Johannes enjoyed snowboarding in the mountains.

  • Travelling back as a Family to the Philippines in Feb: It was our first time as 3 people, to make the flight back home. A challenge as new parents, but I was happy that my son, at only three months old, was getting an early start in adventure.
The boys snooze aboard the plane en route to Manila from Frankfurt
  • Becoming Managing Editor of Mabuhay Inflight magazine in March
Karsten pays me a much-welcomed visit in the office

This was a personal challenge I took on for the first time in 2010. I feel blessed to have such a great job in a respectable, multi-awarded company with a dependable team.

  • First Trip to Vietnam for Work and Play in May

In Saigon, I had only one mission: Go shopping on 50 USD a day, and write about it. Fantastic city, culture, food, and great bargains. What more could a girl want?


(Read my Vietnam blog here.)

  • European Summer, June and July

We took a vacation in Germany and Italy, during which time my husband’s grandma also passed away. It was my first family funeral, but a good time to be back together. Then we went back to Italy and life on the lake. Karsten made new friends and enjoyed trips on the boat while John wakeboarded and kitesurfed.

Wakeboarding Lago di Garda, Italy
  • Getting published internationally in October

Chicken Soup for the Soul printed my story, ‘My First Noel’. What a rush! I did book signings, many media interviews and decided I’d better start writing more again.

The books in stores
  • 250k Philippines

Although it’s still in the beginning stages, my husband set up his tours, bought a boat, and has been organizing kiteboarding trips around the awesome islands.

  • Shifting to a work-from-home position in November

I’m blessed to have this option, where, as Features Editor of the magazine, I can work from home or anywhere with Internet, allowing me to be around for my son at this vital growing stage of his life. It’s the perfect situation. God is good.

The boys on an excursion to Ocean Park Aquarium
  • Accident in December

Shortly before Christmas, our vehicle hit a bus. The van was totaled and lost, but our lives were not. We closed the year with a literal bang—but are happy to be alive and well.

2010 was a milestone because it was my first full year as a mother and wife. And in that year, many wonderful things happened in my life, bringing me to a place that is peaceful and good. My son turned a year old last month, and I knew I already had all the blessings I could ask for. I just want to be more grateful in the coming year, and open my heart to whatever else is around the corner.

Happy New Year to you and yours, and may your personal journeys take you wherever you need to be!


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