Tiny Traveler

Next month, the three of us will be travelling again, crossing continents and back. This time, our son is big enough to walk; smart enough to enjoy; old enough to discover everything for the first time.

I’m excited. I can’t wait to see him step onto that plane, for the 6th time in his little life, but this time around, knowing they are the same big contraptions he waves to every morning from where we live near the airport. I can’t wait to explore the forests of Saxony with him, foraging for mushrooms and watching him wander. I can’t wait to re- introduce him to the other side of his family, and feel the warmth I know they will feel when they see how much he has grown in just half a year.

It’s the discovery of everything new that  hes is experiencing, where, at this stage in his life, it is all AMAZING.

Yesterday, when the sun was setting and it was time to go home from the park, I carried him away, and he cried. I tried to distract him as I walked faster towards home, but then put him down a couple blocks later so he could walk on his own. He turned right around and started heading back toward the park, his arms outstretched with joy, and ecstatic that he could take himself there. I laughed, knowing he would never get that far on his own, but I also felt proud that he was attempting to travel, and so happy about it.

For now, he is innocent, undisturbed, unnerved by society and everything that will scream at him in years to come; decisions he will have to make; stress he will have to get through in his older years. And so, I want him to just enjoy this childhood stage, to live in and love the moments, to explore this world that is just so big. Just so fun.



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