10 Great Reasons to Give Your Child the Gift of Travel

We need to stop using the excuse that it is expensive and inconvenient to travel with kids. More and more, the countries of the world are expanding their borders: selling cheaper flights, paving new roads, literally and figuratively. It may take more work and planning to bring your children along on an out-of-town (or country!) vacation, but in the long run, it will be worth it. There is no better teacher than experience, and the whole world can be their classroom. There are thousands of good reasons why it may just be the best thing you ever do for them. Here are ten to get you started.

1. They’ll be getting hands-on education

What better way to learn about geography and reading maps than to hit the road and help dad while driving? During travel, every detail of the journey becomes something for the books.


2. They’ll learn new languages

Kids naturally pick up foreign languages faster than adults. Having them in an environment where they hear and practice new words and phrases helps them develop this skill even better.


3. Adapting to other cultures will become second nature

While adults may be judgmental and slow to embrace people from other walks of life, it comes naturally to children, who are like sponges soaking up every element around.


4. Travel helps them appreciate their own life and family

Showing your child a different side of the world and how families and other people live can help him get to define his own roots even better and develop a sense of appreciation for his culture.


5. They‘ll have friends all over the world

This one is a given. The minute your child steps out of his country of birth, you have given him the opportunity to expand his network of friends—and who knows where that may take him in the future?

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One thought on “10 Great Reasons to Give Your Child the Gift of Travel

  1. I am so greatful my parents did this for me as I was growing up. Out of the 16+ countries I’ve visited at least 11 of them were as a child. If we hadn’t traveled so much I don’t think I would have the same well rounded world outlook I have today. Nor would I have decided to live in a foreign country and make it my home. I hope when I have kids I can do the same for them.

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