Just spending some morning moments being grateful for all the love and goodness I have received throughout my life. Thinking about all the wonderful people I have been blessed to know and work with, and have encountered at one stage or another. Feeling again, the joy that has come from just accepting life and its lessons, and the people who came into my life to teach me that.

I spent a lot of years being single, lonely, on my own. And the biggest thing I learned from that was that I was never really alone. In the silence and solitude and quietness of my heart, I found the inner Strength that kept me all those years. And when I was blessed with love and others to share it with, it was a lesson in appreciating both the times when someone was there, and when someone wasn’t. And knowing I could be ok either way–loving who I was, with or without another human being to depend on.

Wishing you lots of love in your heart today…and if you are on your own, am hoping that you will find that special strength of spirit that no one can ever take away. Remember that a loving heart is a giving heart, and even though we are selfish by nature (aren’t we all?), the best feelings of satisfaction in the world still come by reaching out and touching other lives who need hope in their hearts, too.

And if you are alone on Valentines (I was again as my husband is out of town), you can still have fun! I ate in a Spanish restaurant for lunch and enjoyed some quiet time, pondering life as usual and realizing there was so much to be thankful for. In the evening, I enjoyed watching the Grammy awards with my little sisters while finishing off a homemade pineapple cocktail.

Then woke up this morning to my son wanting to take me for a walk and play with the neighbor’s dogs. He has so much boundless energy, that kid–just seeing his excitement about life and getting up in the morning makes me inspired and gets me smiling, too!

Wishing you overflowing blessings today, and lots of good reasons to smile! 🙂


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