Still a Winter Wonderland

I’d wanted a White Christmas last year, but we were on a tropical island. Then February came, and we found ourselves back in snowy Saxony. My son is just old enough to enjoy—he tried to taste the snow, and I didn’t want to stop him. My heart melted at the sight of this little person in awe at the clean, sparkly world all around. His fingers froze as he held his first snowball, but he didn’t seem to mind. He’d fallen on the ground and now sports a busted lip, but that doesn’t deter him from wanting to go outside first thing in the morning. All the trees are naked, and the streets are colorless, the air is frosty…but that’s what’s so pretty. (I know those of you in the West have the feeling the snow has overstayed its welcome, but I am glad it did 🙂

We’re not used to wearing so many clothes, us islanders, and a trip to the garden takes 15 minutes just getting prepared for. But the little winter flowers have just begun to peek through snowy blankets, sprouting up with tender patches of baby grass, so we try to take time outside to enjoy it. The sun shines brightly although it’s still just 5 degrees outside on a normal day, so I guess we did get our White holiday.

(raking the snow with a busted lip)

To think that during this month, exactly two years ago, a little life was growing inside me, and I had no idea. Now he’s here, bringing so much laughter, fun, and a little more naughtiness and personality to us every day.  I’m in LOVE 🙂


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