48 hours, or something like that. We’ve gotten through just two, and already the time is ticking by very slow. We’ve done this trip so often before, but never with a child this rowdy. Karsten had been on a baby leash for an hour at the cramped NAIA airport while we sorted things and paid dues that made no sense paying. Airport tax? Just to stand in line for an hour? But some things are not made any better by reasoning. He humored himself and other passengers, walking around and stealing snacks from them. Kids are so innocently cute, they seem to instantly melt anyone’s heart (when they are well-behaved!).


Finally made it. Germany is cold from a long winter, frosty and grey with only branches for trees. But I still find the countryside beautiful, as we ride the 5 hour train ride from Frankfurt airport. There’s a chill in the wind and a restlessness in my heart…it has been good to travel again. And the change of scenery is very welcome.


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