Delicious Moments

It’s hard to be a mother and a wife. It’s lots of dirty diapers, hours of comforting teary eyes, endless mornings of no sleep-ins. It’s wondering if, when tomorrow, you do everything over again, will it make a difference?

My little boy’s smile tells me it does. My husband’s love, even (or especially) in down times keeps me secure in what I have. It’s not my material possessions, but the inner, deep satisfaction I feel as a woman who has everything her heart desires; that makes me want to wake up to another day.

Some days, though, I feel no inspiration, only tiredness and the weariness of the mundane, “mommy” things that have to be done.

Tonight, these thoughts creep in as I crawl into bed. My son has taken an hour to be put down, and I am also just a wink away from sleep I crave so much.

Then, my husband appears, and places something beside my bed—a glass bowl with a wine bottle. I pick it up and am in awe and wonderment. The entire bottle is chocolate! And when I lift it, from the broken end there falls ten truffles of dark chocolate with cream filling. My eyes grow wide and I feel like Christmas.

Sometimes, material moments do have their surprise way of telling me that I am loved and that life will continue to be filled with good things, delicious things, things a woman sometimes craves and needs.

Like chocolate bottles and mischievous, boyish smiles.


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