Around and Back Again

So I haven’t been updating as much as a blog needs to be updated…but we’ve crossed back again between time zones, schedules, and life-changing plans, finding that our roots are everywhere and nowhere, and that it’s great to have options of travel, and an independent lifestyle, and a little guy who loves adventure as much as we do.

But to tell you the truth, I’m not really that adventurous at all. I love the feeling of security and knowing what’s around the corner–not much of a risk taker. Maybe that’s why, in some ironic way, life always winds me up somewhere least expected, and on a journey that is full of excitement–even though the “adventure” is sometimes against my will. (If ever you’ve been uprooted, or found your plans changing several times, or are still trying to figure your own personal journey out, then you know what I mean.)

And once again, I find myself in familiar territory, the same faces, but time has changed, and people have moved on, and I need to move on too, to cherish the lessons learned and then open up my heart to be ready to learn again. Because it never really ends, does it?


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