Five for Starters

These are personal notes I wrote in my journal this morning–a journal that is more empty than full, simply because I have been struggling to find that quiet time to just do it. When you are a mom and wife, but even when you’re not, we sometimes bombard ourselves so much with outside influences–the internet, TV, worried thoughts about our kids or spouse–that we forget about how peace can, and must, come on the inside. I want to try to re-do it everyday, because when you wake up in the morning, there are a million things that can take your attention.  I think its even more important to find that center of self, of spiritual calm, and to learn to recognize when you’re heading for an imbalance.

These are 5 things I hope to practice more, to get to that center:

1.) Meditate

Sometimes, this means just getting quiet and alone with my thoughts, or no thoughts at all. In a quiet, undistracted place, at an earlier hour of the day than usual.

2.) Write things down

Whispers come. Ideas form. But I am too quick to forget. I need to take proper notes on paper, not just mental ones.

3.) Connect

Attending a Couchsurfers dinner the other night, and meeting interesting people from everywhere, reminded me that I often get caught up in my own world and personal life, that sometimes it really helps to have the simple refreshment of conversation with a friend, or a new group of people, or an old aquaintance, just to exchange positive energy and keep it flowing.

4.) Accept

I do believe that everything which comes into my life is not by way of chance, but all bring a deeper meaning, another level of greater experience. Am I accepting the good, as well as the not so good, and being grateful for it? (By accepting, I don’t mean taking on a complacent attitude, but rather, being aware that there are situations I can’t change, and learning to work around those kind of circumstances.)

5.) Give

Can I can give my time more? Can I can be more loving? Can I can leave “self” behind a little more each day and try to concsiously think UNselfish thoughts? “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.”


…all of the above are simply everyday things that can help me find the balance point to a healthier spiritual and emotional life. I’m sure there are more, but this is a start, and I need to start over again.

Need to breathe deeper; longer; slower.


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