I Used to Dance


And the freedom of moving to a rhythm that carries you away without thinking too hard about it, was exhilarating. When recruited for a dance group, I always forgot the steps (we did Bollywood and theater performances!) and had a hard time keeping proper pace with the others.

But I still loved it, and am reflecting on the high that music gives, setting the spirit free to move. Then I realize, sitting here in my chair, that human beings were meant to move, to wander, to go far.

Nowadays, my movements are mostly limited to watching “So You think You Can Dance”, and just being amazed at the performers. I don’t dance “professionally” anymore, and it’s a rare occasion that I find myself in a club, throbbing to some spastic music like the hundred teenagers around me…

But I remember a few weeks ago, John and I went to the Opus lounge in Resorts World for some drinks and a fun evening. Did we dance?

Like nobody was watching.

And we closed the bar, long after the crowds were gone. It certainly helped that we were booked into the Marriot (courtesy of Resorts World, for whom I was writing a review of the new 6-star hotel) just upstairs, so could hobble our way out, but that night was fun. I didn’t care that every other woman in heels and glitzy dresses were there to see and be seen, or that my makeup was fading with every song, or that it felt like I hadn’t danced in forever.

Dance is a different form of meditation, but something that connects you all the same, to the center of yourself—to your spirit; to your core. And at the same time, it also sets you free to move against the rhythm, to do just whatever it is you feel like doing.

A good friend of mine just invited me to a traditional dance class , something native-Filipino…and I’m thinking, it’s about time.

(Kampala, 2004)


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