Six-Star Weekend!

(This is a delayed post, but I want to try to post more everyday things; bring you a little peek into life as a travel writer, and just all around fun stuff.)

My husband was away for Valentine’s Day, and even though I wanted to plan something special, I always thought it was cheesy to do something special together just because everyone else in the whole world is doing it on the same day.

Then, it just so happened that, that week, I was asked to write about the newly opened Resorts World in Manila where a six-star hotel is located, the Maxim’s hotel. The management decided that the only way for me to get a real experience to write about was to book us for a night and two days, meanwhile enjoying all the amenities, theater shows, movies, and personal butler service, plus fine dining and partying at the newest clubs there! And who was I to argue?

Above: The villa pool and our seductive jacuzzi

Below: Partying

I’ll save more of the details for my story, soon to be published in our Inflight magazine. (Update: Read the article here, now aboard Philippine Airlines!)

Was so nice and actually more special to be able to have time together, just the two of us without the baby…and with all the perks! We felt very, very spoiled.

Long Live Love!


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