A Little Rant, a Little Regret

So I was in the bank yesterday trying to get some business done, and it was just so much hassle—real tiny things that they make hard for you, even if I have been a faithful client at this bank for almost 6 years. I was so distressed, because it was such a small thing that they could have made easy for me, but instead, they had to make life so difficult! I was nearly in tears! I wanted to shout at the lady behind the desk, but I guess she was just doing her job, saying what she was trained to say….it was so….frustrating!

Moments like this really make me wonder about progression in countries on this side of the world. If they can’t make little things easy for their people, for their own countrymen, if they can’t quicken the flow and do away with…(I wanna say “stupidity”!) how can we grow? How can we succeed? How can we get out of these never-ending cycles?

Argh…it frustrated me so much, that nothing could be done and I had just wasted 3 hours, including one sitting in traffic because of construction going on the road, which will probably never get better.

I wanted to scream.

At the end of the day (and after a nice dinner with new friends and a few glasses of chilled wine) it didn’t seem so bad anymore…but I still wished some things weren’t the way they are here.

Wrote this poem below in a journal years ago, and it should probably still be my mantra—“Lord, forgive me when I stress…”


Oh Lord, forgive me
When I misjudge
When I over-react
When I stress over nothing.
The world should not cater to me
It is I who must serve.
The world need not entertain me
It is I who must contribute.
Forgive me when I trample upon
The little plants
The little flowers
In my haste to live
In my fear to love
In my misunderstanding.
Grant me the understanding
The compassion
The tolerance
The openness I must carry in my heart.
Let me recognize you in all those small places
In those humble faces
And forgive me,
For trying too hard.


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