Touched by Experience

Yesterday, I had the chance to chat with a dear friend over skype who has recently gotten pregnant. She is going through the throes of the horrible first trimester, when everything like morning sickness is at its worst. She asked me what I used to be able to eat during those sick days. I remembered how it was–trying to do all the right things, trying to go by the book, but feeling your body going through immense, difficult changes, and being unable to cope with the discomfort.

For me, it was pretty hard all the way through the first three months, then it got progressively easier. But there were days when you felt like no one could ever understand the pregnant feelings, the mood swings, the intense cravings, and the need to eat…rice!

I remember trying to write in my journal, all those things I was “supposed” to do…but in the end, what worked for me was mostly just listening to my body, and again, not trying so hard to do the “right” thing, or be the perfect pregnant woman. Of course, I took care to try to stay healthy, but if I couldn’t keep down something, I simply didn’t eat. I ate when I wanted. And I had gelato every day.

Talking with my friend just then reminded me of the biggest lesson that becoming a mom has taught me–and, ironically, it’s something that can’t really be taught: EXPERIENCE. Only now, I know what it all feels like, and only now, I can listen and understand.

Many things in life that come to us are given for learning–even when they are hard to go through. We need the human touches of understanding and compassion, and only through accepting what we need to live through and experience, can our lives deepen. Becoming and being a mom is an amazing, challenging, and sometimes scary journey. But I’m grateful for every moment of it.


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