Two Minutes with Paula Abdul

When Paula Abdul showed up for the press conference in Resorts World Sentosa last May in a little black lace dress, there were about 100 reporters clamoring for her attention. When I raised my hand, she called me out of the crowd, so there was a split-second chance to ask her a single question. I threw in two for good measure, and here was her reply…

My question to Paula:

“What do you look forward to when travelling to Asia, and what do you take back home with you every time?”

Paula Abdul:

“All the memories I have of Southeast Asia have been the beautiful people I’ve met, the culture, the sophisticated yet gentle nature of the people I have met. I take home so many wonderful memories. I am guilty as charged of being the ultimate tourist! I have to go to where everyone else is brought because I think it’s a blast—and I love taking home beautiful things for my family and friends. There are great memories, and friendships that still exist.”


Another reporter asked her what was the secret to eternal youth and beauty, and Paula cheekily replied, “Sitting next to Simon Cowell will make anyone look good.”


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