Two Years Today

It’s the first time I tried blogging from a  busy airport, and with just 15 minutes to kill, I’m rushing a coffee at 8:30 am to board a flight. I normally travel for work, but this time, it’ s purely pleasure.

John and I have been married for two years, today. And although we don’t make big romantic celebrations or actually “plan” for anything, it just so happened that the day I am meeting up with him in another part of the country happens to be our anniversary.

Two years flies fast.

I never got married thinking of the “forever” or, “till death do us part”. It’s always been one day at a time; every day, a chance to start over. Because we are human.

Perfect relationships are overrated. Perfect marriages–even more. So, on that fateful day in Denmark, when I wed in my jeans and tennis shoes, I knew that what was coming up was lots of work.

And yes, it’s been two years of still working at it, but enjoying it even more. We have had so many adventures together–from a rainy Charlesbridge in Prague, to the chicken-market bus station of Manila, to the rice terraces of Sagada, to the age-old street corners of Venice and Rome.

Married life continues to take me on a journey full of surprises…I’m off to board the plane now, off to Palawan, and welcoming even more adventures.


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