Why Do We Travel?

Lone Fisherman in Lago di Garda, 2009

Why do we travel?

To find ourselves

To lose ourselves

To find solace


To be inspired

To connect

To disconnect

To forget

To remember

To feel

To let go

We travel

Sometimes, just because

Flights are cheap

And we want to see the world

Taste the new

The unexplored

To see it in a new way

And write it down

To bring back stories

Or leave old ones there

To erase memories

Or create new ones

To seek out love

Or run from it

To walk away

To walk towards

To share

To learn

To open up the mind

Or shut it down

To document pictures

To reframe them

To be transported

To a foreign place

To get away

Or just come home.

P.S. Why do you travel? Post your reasons in the comment box below 🙂


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