A Simple Song

These words (sounding like lyrics to a song) came today as I was thinking of my present, my future, and everything that is in store. Some pretty exciting things are coming up, but since it’s a little vague at the moment, there’s always that feeling of uncertainty that causes us to either have fear, or take courage. Recalling my past, all I can do is trust that everything is going to be alright because I’m in pretty good hands.  So I’m thrilled now at life’s possibilities!


Thank you Lord,

For giving me the grace to trust You

For telling me, it’s gonna be alright

Thank You, for giving me reason to love you

You have been there for me—all my life.


And every time I look ahead, and cannot see my way,

And every time the path is dark, It’s by Your side I stay

So You can hold me

Your arms enfold me

Then I come round the bend, that’s when I see

That everything is perfectly okay.


Thank You, Lord,

For giving me the strength to run to You

For giving me just enough to come to You

I look now on the horizon, and I just know

It’s perfect where You want me to go.  


And for some inspiration for your weekend–nothing can compare to the heartfelt way this man sung Lennon’s lyrics, the story of his life and the mother who gave him the start of his identity and dreams.

Watch this–I dare you to not be moved.


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