Saxony in September

We never had seasons when I was growing up. The tropics are only wet, or dry—and almost always humid. Coming to Europe for the first time in 2008 was a big change, and I finally learned why people talk about the weather!

My son, who was born on a snowy winter’s night in Saxony, got a headstart on me. He loves the cold, and the moment he first held snow, tried to eat it. It’s been a journey of discovery for me, every time we travel together. Depending on the time of year that we visit Germany, the colors and seasons always change, so each time is a little different, and each time is special.

Now, in mid September, we are having what they call here, an “Old Wives Summer”. It can be very warm during the day (over 25 degrees) and very cold at night (less than 9). I thought it would be much colder at this time, but we are even able to take long walks in the forest without jackets, and the garden is a lovely place to play.

Taking a slight break from work has given me time to enjoy life with him. Today a butterfly flew into our bedroom window and he got so excited. We wake up and look at the cows grazing outside, and the fat chickens over the neighbors’ fence. During our strolls, there are lots of tractors and farm machines out here in the country, and we spend time just watching them. There are strong horses too, and beautiful dogs…the forest is alive with showers of light, raining down on the evergreens. Sticks and stones, mud, rocks and even slippery slugs. It’s paradise for a little boy.


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