Goodbye Summer, and Hello on the Other Side

Our vacation is coming to a close, the time went by fast, though each day was nice and slow and serene. For a month, I was free of work and other responsibilities, with time to spend just for my son. He has learned loads of German, is speaking it now (more than English), and we capped our trip with a visit to the Stuttgart Oktoberfest, or “Wasen”. We ate too much good food, and enjoyed the end of a long summer here in Europe. Couldn’t ask for a better September.

Now that the Fall (Herbst) colors are showing their bright orange hues, and the weather is getting a little grayer, we figure its right about time to return back to the tropics. And I’m eager to get back to work, because I love mine.

I’ll post more for you here about Saxony, the beautiful Elbe, the Oktoberfest, and our adventures…but first, to get through 26 hours of travel back to Asia tonight. Had better start packing…


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