(Traveling Uganda in 2004)

It’s a word that best describes the constant feeling in my heart during this lifetime journey of living my passions and following my dreams.

I am grateful for the guides I met on this journey, who lent their advice, wisdom, and the occasional shoulder to cry on.

I’m grateful for the mistakes that taught me to always to move forward, regardless.

I’m grateful for the second chances, the people who come back into your life because they were meant to be there, and the ones who keep journeying with you because they share your dreams.

I’m grateful for the love I learned my heart was capable of giving. When I first held my son on my chest and he raised his head to look around. I knew it was the beginning of his own journey, and I would need to let him explore.

I’m grateful for the chance to share, through this blog, the memories I’ve kept, in words, in pictures, in paintings, and hope that you find something here to enjoy.

I’m grateful for the little things I am blessed to wake up to each morning: my window view of banana leaves and a rice plantation; a cheeky, boyish smile beside me; coffee.

Just grateful.


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