Sunyee Maluche Gets Made Up for Her First Pro Shoot

(Photo by Michael Hilario Sy)

I like to think of making up a face in the same way as laying paint down on a canvas. Makeup should be a work of art—but making up someone else is especially challenging because you have to create a masterpiece that is, essentially them. Bringing out their best or most unique features, and keeping them happy, too.

Last weekend, I got the opportunity to do three different make-up looks on Sunyee Maluche, for a photography workshop by Winston Baltazar. Here they are.


  1. 1.    No Make-up Makeup

Photo by Andy Maluche

Sunyee is only 14 years old, half German and half-Filipina. I wanted this first made-up look to highlight her youthfulness, giving her a fresh, natural, aura. It was also one of her first modeling shoots, so she needed to feel as comfortable as possible with the buzz of 8-10 photographers shooting nonstop.

Photo by Winston Baltazar

  1. 2.    Futuristic

We had a snazzy bright yellow sports-car as the prop for this shoot, and Sunyee was dressed in an ensemble by fashion designer Puey Quinones. (Above photo by Winston Baltazar)

I tied her hair up in a high ponytail, and added deeper shades of dark night blue in a smoky slant along the outer corners of her eyes. The photographer kept telling Sunyee to pose with her eyes wider, but I felt that her natural “chinita” features made her look even more exotic. Bringing down the line of her inner eye with a good black liner gave her a cat-eye look, and retained her part-Asian-ness.

(Photos below by Michael Hilario Sy)

3.    All Grown Up

–and a little 90’s!

(Photos by Miguel Unson and Michael Hilario Sy)

I popped the color on her lips with a brighter shade, and blended the hues of her eye color to match the greens and blues in this third outfit. To give it even more edge, bringing her hair down from the middle of her scalp created “fake bangs”–yes, a tad emo.

As you’ll probably agree, Sunyee was a fantastic model, looking quite the professional! And, she didn’t even need false eyelashes because hers were so amazingly long already! I just thickened them with mascara.

Photo by Jeny Alicpala

Which look do you like best?


Note: The make-up brands I used were L’oreal, (German), flormar (Turkey), KIKO (Milano), and Astor (UK).


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