Christmas is Like Magic (Even When There’s No Snow)

It’s snowing! I feel such a magic in the air. The weather forecast said we would not get a White Christmas this year, only frosty rain…but I believe in miracles.

Two years ago today, I was one day overdue, waiting for my Christmas baby. He was so heavy, and I couldn’t wait to get him out! Today, he is snoring soundly (and loudly) on the bed, his haystack of blonde hair haloing his head, as snowflakes fall silently outside our icy attic window in eastern Germany.

That Christmas, I spent it in hospital, as he was born on the 22nd, after 48 hours of labor and a last-minute operation. After that, I knew no December would ever be ordinary again. It’s become a time of the year that I see Love, embodied, impersonated in a tiny human being. A son to call mine.

(Picture above: Winter 2009)

Whatever Christmas means to you, or wherever you are spending it this year. Let’s make it a time to ponder on all the little miracles that take place every day, all the warmth we can carry in our hearts, to strengthen our spirits, and pass the Love on.

Let’s remember that the greatest gifts we can give should last the whole year long, and should be ones that we can keep giving, and giving again.–Maybe there are ways you can help those who won’t be having such a merry Christmas, due to natural disasters, health problems, or financial difficulties. Maybe there are other hearts who need your smile, your words, your warmth of friendship this winter.

Or maybe, it’s a time to just be silently grateful that you got through the year.

Have a magical December!

P.S. Here’s the two of us last Tuesday, just hours before leaving the tropics.

(Photo by Mel Gatchalian)


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