10 Things to Do at Home with Your Toddler

  1. Take long, warm bubble baths with yellow rubber duckies
  2. Clear the table, or set it, and spend half an hour doing so
  3. Jump up and down on the bed, and dance like crazy
  4. Watch all the Youtube posts of Thomas the Tank Engine and Chuggington, in every language available (the one where it features the kiddy voices of Chuggington is especially cute)
  5. Hang laundry together
  6. Overdose on chocolate and gummi bears (saves on having to cook lunch)
  7. Make silly faces in the mirror while taking pictures with your camera on self timer
  8. Wipe all the surfaces in the house; sweep every nook; try to not knock over grandma’s special china
  9. Learn how to have an entire silly conversation while whispering
  10.  Fall asleep at the exact same time

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