Progress is a Mindset

wearing "those jeans" in 2007 🙂

There’s a box of stuff I keep here in our house—clothes I never wear because I “outgrew” them after getting pregnant, baby clothes (which I am still attached to!) and unused summer wear. Last week, I tried on one of the pairs of jeans—and, for the first time in two years, it fit me again! I was ecstatic! I think one has to know what it’s like to be pregnant and gain tons of weight to appreciate this feeling.

It was the start of this year that I said to myself, I am going to do this: I am going to work on being the best version of myself (physically), and I am going to do this despite all the yummy food around! I realized in a country like this, it’s actually easy to make healthier choices, because one has so many options. Food is abundant, yes, but you can choose to live a healthy lifestyle, and you CAN claim this mindset.

It’s starting with small changes:
–More vegetables with my meals
–Intense workouts, 5x a week
–No unnecessary sugary drinks, only 100 percent fruit juice
–No wine at night, except on weekends (this one is a killer! Do you know how much I love my nightly red wine?)

I’ve found that supplementing my favorite foods or drinks with a healthy alternative works just fine. I love rice and chewy white bread, but the less I eat it, the less my body craves it. But eating right does take planning. Also, I wonder if many moms fall into the trap of munching their kids’ food on the go, while preparing meals, or eating leftovers because it seems such a waste to throw that extra pasta away.

Exercise is another challenge, but I am telling myself: “No more excuses!” It’s all in the mind, isn’t it? My mom used to always say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Now, with a  two year old crawling under me while I attempt to do push-ups, the mind is always going crazy and saying, “I can’t do this!” but then I put those old jeans on, and it feels AWESOME!!!!

Is there something in your life you are trying to make progress with? A new challenge; a new goal? Believe first that you can do it, and then work as hard as necessary to accomplish that goal. The end result will be worth it! I know the feeling of those old jeans are!


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