Listen to Your Heart

This picture I found in Vogue magazine reminds me that romance doesn’t only have to happen in the movies, or staged in photos by celebrities. My own love-story started exactly this way, when the handsome stranger showed up on a dirt-bike at my doorstep, daring me to hop on. I took a risk in saying, “Sure, I’ll ride out into the night with you.” (No, I did not look as glamorous as Jolie—my hair was matted with beach sand, clothes stale and stinky from a day of shooting…)

The night never ended—it began a new stage which took me out of my selfish single life, on the greatest journey ever.

But you know, when these things happen, you just got to take the risks, even if they seem crazy. Picture-perfect, to me, means full of imperfections–because risk-takers know the dangers, the pitfalls, and the heartaches. They are willing to throw everything to the wind, because something greater than a sense of security beckons.

Two years later, we got married. We are still taking risks, giving up things for a better life, where we have the freedom of living it on our own terms. It’s not been easy to join my life with his, when two roads meet and take another course. But this is a journey you just can’t plan. You follow your heart, and you find your adventure.

I’m so glad I said yes and hopped on that bike. Real-life Love is crazy and unpredictable, but always worth it.


When was the last time you listened to your heart? Do you think it was the right decision? I’d love to hear your story!

Photo credit: Annie Leibovitz, Vogue Magazine


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