Best. Zwow. Ever.

Today was one of those days—you know, when you indulged in some wine the night before, the Kid went to bed extra late, there were loads of laundry to wash, and you ate a little too much at lunch. By the time midday rolled around, you wanted to nap. The Kid took long to fall asleep, and when he sleeps is the only chance you get to work out in peace. You would rather sleep yourself instead. Exercise? Blech….

So, on a day like today, when I checked out Zuzana Light’s latest upload, I was relieved to see that it was only TEN MINUTES. But a fun, pumped up ten minutes with just enough variety to keep my mind and body alert. This is her 5th new workout video—again, each rep is filmed. Again, your eyelashes will rain sweat.

Got an extra ten minutes on you right now? Get up and get moving. Your body will thank you for it, and your day will be so much better.


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