What Matters Most?

For a long time now, my husband and I have had to be apart, by choice of work stations. I hadn’t felt the need to change the situation. Content to know that our son was in school, I had a good job, the nanny was there to assist me, I had set up my own little life, and we were healthy.

The danger is not in being “okay”, or in having a secure and stable life. The danger happens when you stop fighting for what matters. I knew that to get back together with my husband, we would have to relocate, and I would have to give up a lot that I got used to. That part of me wanted to finally have a place “to settle”, after traveling so much already, all my life.

But the Universe finally threw a few big things my way that made the decision a lot easier.

Now that I am without a lot of the material things I held on to and valued, I can finally see what is important to me. It’s not the opinions of others, possessions, a nice house/apartment, a nice job or titles. I want the things that define me, and the treasures I value to be the kind that last, no matter where in the world we end up.

Family. Real relationships. Freedom, Love. Time. Health and happiness.

Sometimes, it’s only when we get to the place where everything is stripped away from us, that we can figure out in our hearts and our heads what we need to really be holding on to. There are times to let go, yes, but there are also times to fight for things that matter.

Fight to be close to the ones you love, if you value that.

Fight to teach your children independence, rather than dependence on people, and gadgets, places and things.

Fight to free yourself of selfish reasons—know that to get what you want, there’s a whole lot of giving involved.

Fight for freedom, if that is what you want.

This week, my family became a single unit again, together in one place. I have never felt happier, or more successful, than when I hold my boys close at night, knowing that it was worth giving up what I thought I wanted, for a life way better.


4 thoughts on “What Matters Most?

  1. Thank you for sharing your time and reading 🙂 The lessons are usually harder to learn than to write about, but am always grateful to experience new truths.

  2. travelpaper says:

    What matters most? A life lived in love and days that follow a God-given purpose. Proud of you, Nyx! Miss you!8)

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