5 Ways Moms Can Fit In Fitness

The problem with working out when you are a full-time mom is that little person (or persons) who are always running between you, under you, around you…

For a long time, I made excuses to myself why I couldn’t do the things I wanted to—like, get fit for starters. Having my son every day is a challenge, but one that gets a little easier, as I get used to it.

Now, every time I start my workout, he’ll be there cheering me on, repeating what the fitness trainers in my home workout videos are shouting: “You can do it!” “Focus!” “Alright!”

It does force me to focus—both to watch him as he plays and jumps along, and to hold that lunge, or squat or plank for whatever time is actually possible. He’s become my inspiration to workout too, because I want to be healthy for him: a happy and secure-in-myself mom. I want to be strong for him, and physically and mentally able to cope with everything that he needs and will need in life. He encourages my new-found self-discipline.

So the physical focal point has also become a mental one, too. During exercise, I think how I am changing in body, and also in spirit—becoming more tolerant, more patient, more forgiving, more able to adapt…and I hope it lasts until tomorrow 🙂

Do you have a personal trainer as awesome as mine?

Here are five ways we have learned to make fitness work, together:

1. Start workouts during nap time.

He’s usually a bit grumpy on waking, but with a bottle for a plug, I get a few more minutes in quietness to myself

2. Give the kid his own props

He likes to share my mat, have a water bottle ready, and put on his running shoes. That makes him feel involved, and he’s less likely to cry for attention.

3. Make Exercise YOUR OWN Time

If I keep making excuses, it will never happen. This hour or so that I set aside, is my time to do something for myself. Karsten learns that right away when he sees me doing it consistently every day, and is usually content to just hang out–and jump around.

4. Have a husband (or partner) who helps out

My husband likes to take our son for other fun stuff, allowing me time to workout. His support is vital to me, and makes it easier to stay motivated.

5. Just do it.

As children are also creatures of habit, when they see that you make fitness a part of your every day schedule, they will learn to value it too, and become active people. When we exercise together, fitness becomes a way of life.


2 thoughts on “5 Ways Moms Can Fit In Fitness

  1. Been there and done that. The pictures made me laugh. I remember when I would be doing a push up and my little ones would climb all over me. Check out my 10 minute workouts. I think you will like them. Great for Moms and other busy people.

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