South Tyrol: Mountains and Meadows

We’ve been a week in the glorious Alps of South Tyrol, overlooking the Vernagt (Vernago) Lake, traversing roads where one can only imagine men have traveled for centuries. Time hasn’t changed the scenery much, since the forefathers of the Bronze and Copper ages. Among these hills and valleys, we found the people of South Tyrol to be some of the most hard-working we’ve ever met.

This time of the year brings an ideal climate. With 19 degrees in the meadows and heaps of snow in the mountains, the boys were able to go snowboarding while I enjoyed the peaceful quietness of being in such vast and untouched nature.  

We booked in at Lydia’s Pension House, a cozy little perfect place to spend an entire week. The half-board included breakfasts and dinners—and with a four course meal after sundown, it was all the food we needed. I’ve lived in Italy a couple times before, but the food served up from Mamma Lydia’s Kitchen was the most honest-to-goodness, delicious Italian food ever.

It was a week to get away with each other, just the three of us, traveling again, taking time out to spend it slowly, and savoring every beautiful day. Pictures first; more stories later…


2 thoughts on “South Tyrol: Mountains and Meadows

  1. Thanks! We were lucky this week–not a cloud in the sky, and perfect blue to contrast the snowy white mountains! Only on the last day did it get cloudy, and a drizzle of rain. By then, we were on the road again…

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