Spring Flamingos

Spring is teasing us. It peeks out of baby grass, bright with purple and yellow blooms. The sun beams warmly…and then, it is gone again. Temperatures dropping to eight degrees…then five…then a little hail and a lot of rain.

The weather is unpredictable on this side of the world. But for my boys, it means sloshing through puddles in mud-soaked gummistiefels (rubber boots).

We trekked to the zoo the other day, to watch nature go by and go on. On that day, it was sunny and these fiery flamingos bathed in their own bright reflections.

This colorful 2×17 cm original aquarelle painting is on sale. If you have a home for it, please message me at nyxmartinez@gmail.com  

You can view more of my art here 🙂


8 thoughts on “Spring Flamingos

    1. Ha, I guess these aren’t native either–had to go to the zoo to see them. I loved the pretty pink and orange, they looked elegant and clumsy at the same time…

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