Around the World with Robin Esrock

Robin shooting in Cook Islands

Late last year, I interviewed Robin Esrock, the Canadian travel writer and host of “Word Travels” on Nat Geo Adventure. He gave us a lot of insights to share from his journeys and what he’s learned traveling the world.

It’s a great example of how global travel opens up one’s mind and heart, and gives one a better perspective on things. From my own experience with Living Asia Channel, I knew that Travel TV hosts, besides having one of the best jobs in the world, also had great potential to influence a huge audience in a positive way. In this interview, Robin talks about lessons he’s gathered from different cultures, and also tips on making it in the very competitive field of travel writing.

I don’t get Nat Geo or the Travel Channel on my German cable here at home, so I miss many of my favorite shows, but reading this interview brings Robin Esrock out of the TV screen and into the heart and mind of a writer who has truly learned to connect with and empower his audience.

Robin in the Philippines!

Read the full interview article on Mabuhay magazine’s online website, by clicking here.


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