Work it with Zuzana Light! ZWOW #14!

At this point, the ONLY complaint I have about Zuzana Light’s new workout videos are the lack of background music–but this, we can get past and do anyway, because I LOVE the fact that she goes through every rep with you. I need this kind of motivation to get me through daily exercise!

With Easter vacation recently, I really slacked off my workouts. I need to get back on track. If you are in the same place I am in, and need some regular motivation, check out her Facebook here where full workouts are uploaded usually every Thursday.

This weekend brings our family together for a birthday celebration, and in Germany, it means nonstop eating and drinking. I’m posting this video to start on it first thing tomorrow in preparation for all that food! Ha!

If you are new to these workouts or fitness in general, just give it a try and see if it doesn’t kick you in the right direction. If you have been on the fitness journey for awhile and way ahead of me, this weighted workout can only be good.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


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