The Dame

Being thrust out of my comfort zone last year did a few good things for me. One was that it gave me time and opportunity to get back to one of my first loves: ART. As a magazine editor, I had hardly any time to write, much less draw and paint. It had always been a dream of mine to have enough time to get back to the canvas—and the inspiration needed.

Well, I am finally doing away with excuses. This series of paintings, my “Hollywood Wine Collection”, combines not one, but three loves: ART, old Hollywood films, and WINE. I paint the washes with a deep red wine, and mix a little watercolor to get the desired hues.

As a child, I watched “National Velvet” over and over until I learned many of the lines by heart. I was more familiar with Elizabeth Taylors’ children films, than her later ones which brought her more on-screen success.

This painting is a tribute to a woman who brought glamour, intrigue, and extravagant beauty to the screen half a century ago, yet also managed to stay socially updated with a fast-changing world—on Twitter.

(My art needs a loving home! You can purchase these original paintings by contacting me below or emailing


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