Notes on Rocks

Today I decided to paint rocks. Without a reference in my bedroom, it was easy to imagine, though. I encounter them every day: Big boulders that I want to move, but don’t seem to find the courage to do.

Do you know those kind of rocks? They are also called problems, but sometimes challenges. Sometimes the rocks in our life are put there by others, but oftentimes, it’s our own doing. How we overcome them and get over them, or climb our way out of the pits is up to us to decide.

Rocks are also parts of the earth that have been in the same place since before the beginning of time. They are steadfast, unmovable. These are the kind of rocks our souls need to have. We need the foundation of something secure, to steady our feet when climbing our way through life. We need those rocks to hold on to, when we feel like everything else is slipping away. We need the sense of stability—and if it does not come from things around us, then it must be on the inside.

Everyone needs rocks in their life. Which ones are you holding onto?


6 thoughts on “Notes on Rocks

  1. A great reference to rocks. Jesus is the Rock! Some people rely solely on family but family are human and they can let us down. However, I think most of us have certain family members strong as a rock and we can depend on them, too.

    I come from a small family, so my wife and my brother in Florida are the two rocks in my family. I know I can count on them and they will give me strength, as much as in their power. Having a true friend, who is strong as a rock, is a real blessing but some never find one such as this in their entire lives. We all needs rocks, for sure. The more, the better!

    1. Thank you for your notes! Being let down by other humans is one of the hardest things in life to come to terms with, especially if you once trusted and relied on those people. But I guess it’s finding that out which makes us discover what we should really put our faith in. Am glad you like the paintings! 🙂

    1. Yes, it takes some practice–I haven’t perfected it yet, but learned a cool trick using a palette knife to carve out the edges and texture on the wet watercolor. It gives instant depth! Thanks for visiting again, Carl!

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