On Mood Swings and Mommyness

This is my 100th blog post. So, I wanted to make it really special. I thought to craft a post that would inspire or intrigue, or just interest…someone.

However, horrible mood swings are taking place this week (and thank God for female hormones we can blame it on). So instead of being anything fantastic or enlightening, or thoughtful, this note is just to say that sometimes, it’s hard work being a mom.

If you are a mom and reading this, I know how it feels—you want to please and nourish your family; you want to be the best you be—for them. Cook the right meals, set good appointments; get stuff done.

And sometimes, that just doesn’t happen.

Sometimes, you are horrible, moody, lazy, and do everything wrong. Your own standards can’t be reached, your love cannot get you through the day; you burn the cake and the kids wet their beds twice (no, thrice) in a row.

That’s just how life goes, and since we can’t force creativity or inspiration, or special moments, we learn to live and deal with them. Day after day.

But isn’t being a mom all about tending those special moments? Creating memories that only we can understand; seeing the good and potential in others that only we can see; giving and giving again of our love, even when it is tiring and our patience is running out, and there feels like nothing left?

Isn’t it about living anyway, and knowing that in the end, it’s all worth it? My reward comes in the little hugs and kisses at the end of a long day. The cuddles from my boys, who have their own ways of saying, thank you.

My reward comes in knowing that every day, I’m painting a canvas of a life—just letting it flow—without trying to reason or put it in a box. Without trying to force it. Just letting the colors of this new, little life mix into each other and produce their own work of art.

Yes, day after day.

…If you are a mom, what gives you the strength to go on another day?


4 thoughts on “On Mood Swings and Mommyness

  1. momseyeview says:


    I suppose what gets me through one day and then another and another after that is knowing that no matter how lazy / moody / unproductive I am on any given day, I can always bounce back and do better the next day. Oh, and a nice glass of cab-sav after a hard day helps 🙂

    Congrats on your 100th post!

    1. Thank you!
      I must admit to having many glassess, every night, ha! But yes, every day is a new, fresh start. And even just thinking about that makes one feel better, and look forward to it. Cheers to bouncing back! 🙂

  2. Just dropping by to greet you a Happy Momsy Day, Nyx. Thank you for following my blog, as I will be following yours as well. Keep on producing wonderful works of art, supermom! Hugs!

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