New Year; New Home

I turned 31 a few days ago, and on my first day in the new year, we arrived in Italy. Lake Como, at the Northern end, will be our home for the next few months–and what a beautiful home it is. I am continually amazed at the places life takes us, and as I allow my heart to be open on this journey, the surprises never end. Even on confusing bends in the road, peace finds a way to also settle me, telling me that everything is going to be okay.

We are, for now, staying in a charming little one-bedroom Italian apartment–said to be centuries old. I plan to learn the language in these few months I am here, and make it a learning experience for my son. So far, he has loved every minute of it; he makes new friends every day, and the promenades to bike, to walk, or just wander down, are lovely.


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