Ian Wright Sews Pictures

It would be a shame to travel the world and not capture what you see in either photographs, sketches, or words.

Globetrekker’s funnyman Ian Wright keeps some of his paintings and sketches online at his blog www.ianwright.tv, but he recently started sewing, too!

“My wife bought me a sewing machine,” he told me, during our interview last year (read the full article here) and I thought it quite comical, till I saw the finished products on his blog.

The tapestries are delightful colors of detailed beaded work and whimsical designs. See for yourself!


8 thoughts on “Ian Wright Sews Pictures

    1. Cool, isn’t it?? He doesn’t seem to update his blog much–maybe too busy traveling…but some fun stuff there once in awhile.

  1. I really enjoy seeing and sometimes buying unique tapestries. I have seen some excellent ones here in the Philippines, especially those with religious themes and themes of life in the rural or provincial areas. Thank you for sharing.

    1. If you like ethnic Filipino work, try the tapestries of the T’boli tribe, also called The Dreamweavers, who live in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. Beautiful, strong colors and a dying art

  2. Thank you for the tip about the T’boli Tribe tapestries. My great grandmother was Cherokee, so I am of Native American heritage. I really enjoy seeing the art and handicrafts of the various tribal people in the Philippines. We have several tribes here on Negros Island.

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