Starting Over


CHANGE. It’s seemed to be the ever-present theme of my life. But especially, this last year.

With change came movement; development; life.

The last week has been another series of change. After one month in traffic-jammed Manila, we set out to explore the nearby beaches in the province’s outskirts, and ended up loving the fresh air so much, we went home only to pack up our suitcases and get back out of the city—for good.

I’ve learned that, every time there is uncertainty, insecurity about my future, or when it seems the way is clouded with fog, and I can’t see where I’m headed…somehow, the road keeps going and winds up somewhere amazing.

Here’s wishing that your year-end will be one that you can look back on and see where the challenges drove you to champion; where the struggles made you stronger; where the loss made room for new love.

I don’t think 2013 is going to be any easier. But we get wiser with each mistake made…when we open our hearts to life’s possibilities—even the possibility of failure—we create space in that future to grow, to deepen, to breathe.

Just keep on living. Keep on loving. Keep believing!



2 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. Mica, we miss you and hope you get some time off to visit us out here in the fresh air 😉 …and now we can have wine nights again, yay!

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