Seven Ways to Make Room for Magic

make room for magicI am no coach, no shrink, and no degree-holding professional. I am simply a mother, wife, and lover of life. And life has, in so many ways, taught me—from experience—that there is a force out there, greater than ourselves, which causes amazing things to happen.

As you say hello to all the surprises this New Year has to offer, think about a few conscious things you can CHOOSE TO DO, to make room for the wonders of life’s magic:

  1. BE GRATEFUL. Always have words of gratitude in your heart, and on your lips. Wake up and kickstart your day by saying, thank you.
  2. BE OPEN. Life takes us by surprise. Go with the flow.
  3. SMILE. “Life’s worthwhile, when you just smile,” sang Charlie Chaplin (1887-1977), the famous comedian. Did you know Chaplin was also a troubled soul? Yet he masked his suffering by making others happy. And the world was truly a little bit better because of the “Little Tramp” in his signature bowler hat.
  4. GIVE. You don’t have to give money or things at all. Give your time; give your listening ear; give of yourself in little ways and life will give you back so much more.
  5. FORGIVE. Holding on to the past hurts no one but our self.
  6. LET GO. Renovate and upgrade your life every now and then by doing away with things you don’t need—trinkets, papers, clutter, old clothes, bitterness—all must go.
  7. ACCEPT. After you let go, ta da!—there’s incredible SPACE! And yet, we sometimes let ourselves remain empty and lacking. Do you hold love at a distance because you don’t feel deserving of its warmth? Do you keep miracles at bay because you berate yourself for mistakes made in the past? Allow yourself to accept all the goodness that can be yours this year.
Photo by Rabbi Fink
Photo by Rabbi Fink

Open your heart wide, and let that love flow in. YOU ARE WORTHY.

Welcome it, just as you welcome everything that is NEW and FRESH, and BEAUTIFUL in 2013. Have a magical New Year!




9 thoughts on “Seven Ways to Make Room for Magic

    1. Happy New Year, Jojie! Can’t wait to see the beautiful photographs you will take and adventures you will write about this year! hugs 🙂

  1. jennifer santos says:

    Hi Nyx!Happy new year! I always look forward reading your entries its so rejuvenating and very posstive. I get a lot tips from you most especially taking care of toddler kid. More power to you and have a good year. Ahead. regards

    1. Dear Jennifer,
      Thank for your message! Wishing you a great year too, one of following your dreams,and letting love guide you to reach them.

      How old are your kids?


      1. jennifer santos says:

        Hi Nyx!
        My daughter is only 13 months old im really enjoying your entry itnhelps me lot im getting a lot of tips handling and taking care of a toddler kid and everytime i read your entry i feel like im reading a story from chicken soup book very inspiring and possitive:-)


  2. Wow, 13 month kid was a difficult stage for me, Jing. Toddlers are cute but not yet that interactive or independent. They definitely teach you patience and test your limits, ha! Enjoy her while she’s still cuddly!

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