34 Weeks and Counting…

7thThis is my personal journey to discovering new life, and what my body is capable of. It does seem like the last 8 months have sped by—due to a lot of physical changes.

But I must say I’ve taken a more relaxed approach to pregnancy—and birth—this second time around. Knowing what will happen, how my body will react and register has made me a lot less anxious. Knowing that those changes must inevitably come, that the recovery process will be slow but sure, and knowing that my body was made to handle it, is helping me cope.

My current 34-week symptoms include…

  • irritated eyes
  • sleepless nights
  • general heaviness
  • clumsiness
  • short-term memory loss

On the upside:

  • No stretch marks or skin problems
  • Getting my baby needs—bed, clothes, etc. (newborn shopping is fun!)
  • Have located a new house for our family to move into just in time for the birth
  • Hired a new maid/nanny

One new thing is that the birth will be an elective C-section (given my previous history of emergency section after a 48-hour labor marathon!), so I’ve chosen the date (in March) already, and feel like there is at least a little control in this area. And hopefully less pain…no way will I go through those kind of contractions again!!!

Did I mention it’s a girl?

That thought makes me happy…four weeks to go…I can do this!


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