Meeting Mini-Me in Less than Two Weeks!

spaß4They say that, during these last few weeks, pregnant women experience sudden bursts of energy. Sometimes called “nesting”—the need to produce, or clean, or cook, or do something.

And then the sudden burst pops…sizzles…gone.

Fatigue sets in—together with heartburn, swollen feet, moods, and all that less pretty stuff.

That’s what I have been feeling these days, with a tummy so heavy it induces a waddle…I’m blessed to have one of my best girlfriends helping me out during this time, as it’s not easy with a toddler in tow.

But Karsten is grown up so much (the other day, he began a narrative with, “Yesterday, when I was old…”) and easier to handle, which makes the last home stretch of this pregnancy easier to deal with.

Because of complications with my last birth (48 hour labor, no progress, then emergency C-section), we are having a planned cesarean this time around, in less than two weeks.

I am, of course, both excited and nervous. Packing my hospital bag, but wondering what it will be like…this time, no painful contractions? No hours of labor? Just a scheduled date with my doctor and then meeting my daughter…what will that experience entail?

And no German conveniences.

This time, we are giving birth in the Philippines, another new experience for me. I don’t know what to expect of the medical system (except a huge hospital bill!) but thankfully, I’ve found a good baby doctor who will be seeing to the operation—and making sure that my scar stays as tiny as the first time around (All is vanity!)!

But I’ve been keeping busy, too—an hour here, a few minutes there, in between naps and waddles:

Check out all the fun stuff to read on Lifestyle Planet, my other baby…

And the latest issue of Mabuhay magazine, available here

…and also a new Philippine Dept. of Tourism project in the works (my latest was text for the new official website, More Fun in the Philippines)!

On top of all that, we are moving house this week…starting over again in a new place, but what better way to do my “nesting”–setting up for the little ones, our expanding family, and getting settled in a new community. It’s a fresh start, a brand new cycle, another chapter in our journey!

How has your February been?


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