My Beautifuls

Yes, it’s much more fun dressing up (and shopping for) a baby GIRL. 🙂

juni3Four month goes–and grows–so fast!

juni1Her she is rocking her Mohawk…

alexandra.juni2And last week, getting her used to riding in local shuttle vans, trikes, jeepneys and buses–we did it all! (Here we are at the Victory Liner bus stop in Pasay, Manila, getting ready for a four-hour bus ride!)

pasay road2The last week was a mix of frustration, exhaustion, exhilaration, and success.

The short story is that we succeeded in getting our daughter’s German passport from the German embassy in Manila. The long story involved a whole lot of papers, shuttling back and forth for hours of bus rides, jeepney rides, tricycle rides and traffic, through flooded cities while dodging typhoons.

But at the end of crazy days, smiles from your children make everything worth it. And waking up to them, too!

morningHappy Weekend!


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