The Superhero

Am pretty sure nursing a sick child back to health is one of the passage rites for life as parents. But it’s no fun. Last week, after my son had two days of a high fever and a bad cough, I took him to the hospital for what I thought would just be a quick check-up.

But as it turned out, we were confined for three days and three nights and only left yesterday with a diagnosis of bronchitis and a $500 hospital bill. While I am grateful he is recovering and the worst part seems to be over, he is still weak, and my daughter is also quite congested. We are monitoring them both with the prescribed meds as well as natural therapies like essential oil steams for breathing.

If I have taken anything away from this experience, it is the will to change areas of my life that need to be changed, the parts that affect my children’s health. Eating more healthy; living, and breathing clean air; looking to natural sources of wellness, and having a healthier outlook.

Second to that, is the need to face each day with gratitude. I am thankful it was nothing more serious (the doctors kept scaring me with words like “possible TB or pneumonia”, “more tests needed”), that I can take my son home after just three nights in the ward; that he is breathing and laughing, trying to breakdance and being his naughty self again…that my baby girl hasn’t caught a fever, and they seem to be improving.

It is hard to look for reasons to give thanks in situations like these, but every time we do, our hearts lift a little higher, and we are given strength to face the challenges those long hours bring.

And because we have seen the night, we cherish the day.


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