Not Quite a Tsunami

Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales


Somewhere between multiple typhoons, floods, and other seasonal September weather, we tripped to Pundaquit beach in Zambales.

From a distance, the son and I watched giant, forceful waves rushing, clashing, thrashing at the shore.  But my husband, he had to swim right in.

“Is it a tsunami, mom??” gasped my son, as he teetered on tiptoe, behind a bamboo fence which stood between the beach from the bar.

“No, not quite,” I reassured him, and we watched his dad grow smaller and smaller as he ventured further out.

Securing a spot at the bar, I could oversee both my little boy as he played in the sand, and my big boy, as he maneuvered a surfboard through the reckless ocean. Stealing photographs of him from afar (he doesn’t like his photo taken at all), I was content enough to meet new friends over a couple of cold San Mig Lights and Thai prawn soup.

When it looks this dramatic and beautiful, I can stare at the shore all day. Have you seen some awesome forces of nature lately?


How to get to Pundaquit beach



2 thoughts on “Not Quite a Tsunami

  1. I see some awesome forces of nature daily in our area of the Philippines. Several days ago, we saw the effects of an earthquake, although on a small scale since we are not near Bohol or Cebu. The house was swaying a bit and the household items were moving but nothing major.

    There are many beaches and off shore islands in Negros Occidental. On our most recent trip to Jomabo Island, off the coast of Escalante, we were skipping over the green sea in a pump boat and we could see the bottom of the sea! Seaweed and a few prawn and crabs, along the white sandy bottom.

    Every now and then we have thunderstorms and lightening lights up the sky. It can be dangerous but to me, it is picturesque.

    ~ Gary ~

    1. Glad to hear you and your family are safe, Gary! We’ve always had lots of natural disasters in the Philippines, only now I feel a little more anxious, being a mom and worrying about the kids’ safety. But it’s good to know the beautiful nature and picturesque places we can enjoy still outweigh the “dangerous” aspects of living here.

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