More on Life in Lake Como

Let me tell you a little more about life here in Como:

We live just a couple steps from the town piazza, behind the local church, the bakery, and Gelateria. Across the street are two café bars, my husband’s work place (watersports school) and a giant, grassy playground with a tennis court, basketball court, trampoline and swimming pool.

The atmosphere here is a typically relaxed one, where people stroll unhurried, and whole families play together—or sometimes with total strangers, and children learn to love Nature. Out on the beachfront, kitesurfers pump up their kites to air out, while parachuters glide down the mountain side’s cool air, the wind powering them just enough for an early morning sail.

It’s a place where locals greet you by name, and always a smile. Unlike Germany (our previous home), where the conversation ends at “Good day”, before walking quickly on one’s way, here they will continue chatting—regardless of long queues at the checkout, schedules, or working hours. You learn to not get impatient, but rather, appreciate the fact that people are taking the time to listen, and converse, and communicate—face to face.

Besides, siesta will come soon, and then it will last at least three hours.

And when you live in Italy, you learn to embrace this laidback style. You sip cappuccino, eat gelato, and have a midday Prosecco—as you please. You take your time. You smile more. You stay up late, and sleep in long hours. You chat long minutes because you bask in the presence of another human being, you share life stories as the sun sets in front of you, and you swim naked in the lake, because water is for nurturing.

After a long day’s work (and yes, sometimes just being a stay-at-home-mom is quite a lot of plain hard work with no paycheck at the end of the month) if you get to kiss your son goodnight and say, “I love you, and when you wake up, we’ll go swimming together at the beach,” that’s something to not take for granted.

So you can manage those disputes that sometimes happen in the shadows of your home; those misunderstandings, the trivialities of life. You can look forward to greeting the next Summer day, because as long as there is someone to share it with, and good health to enjoy it a little bit longer, then life is quite delicious.


What Ignites Your Creativity?

Is it pain? Anger? Love? Fear?

So many emotions can be channeled into works of art, if we CHOOSE to create with our passions–even if those emotions are sad, or painful.

Next time your spirit is down, pick up a pencil and write away. Dip a paintbrush into any color–without thinking, without planning, without “trying” to create. See what happens…

And here’s a fun tip: if you have some wine nearby and are comforting yourself with a drink or two, try instead to create with it!

Wine, unlike normal paint, darkens as it dries, so the effect is always a surprise! I love the end result–here is one of my latest:

“Last Rose” Wine Painting

If you liked this painting, you can own my art as originals or prints by sending me an email or leave a note below. Here’s the link to my Red Bubble Store.

Have a creative Sunday!

South Tyrol Pt. 2: Traveling with a Kid

Traveling as a couple is much more different than traveling as a couple with a child.

Do you notice how kids make strangers smile, and the world seem a bit friendlier? Kids also throw your whole schedule off, force you to go at a slower pace; they test your patience and your spontaneity skills. They test your team-working skills, how you balance life as two separate people guiding another little life.

And if your child is a boy, you notice every truck on the highway, every crane on the roadside, every airplane in the sky.

If you have a kid, you can’t drink as late into the night as you’d like, or check out every bar that takes your interest. You might make stops at the dinosaur museum that you’d never wanted to visit before, or the zoo, or the local playground that had been there all this time, yet you never noticed.

You may wake up earlier, and see the sunrise…you may wake up many times at night, and enjoy the moonlight. You may be more tired when traveling, or more irritated…or, you may just have more fun.

If you are a parent, how has travel with a kid changed the way you journey?


South Tyrol: Mountains and Meadows

We’ve been a week in the glorious Alps of South Tyrol, overlooking the Vernagt (Vernago) Lake, traversing roads where one can only imagine men have traveled for centuries. Time hasn’t changed the scenery much, since the forefathers of the Bronze and Copper ages. Among these hills and valleys, we found the people of South Tyrol to be some of the most hard-working we’ve ever met.

This time of the year brings an ideal climate. With 19 degrees in the meadows and heaps of snow in the mountains, the boys were able to go snowboarding while I enjoyed the peaceful quietness of being in such vast and untouched nature.  

We booked in at Lydia’s Pension House, a cozy little perfect place to spend an entire week. The half-board included breakfasts and dinners—and with a four course meal after sundown, it was all the food we needed. I’ve lived in Italy a couple times before, but the food served up from Mamma Lydia’s Kitchen was the most honest-to-goodness, delicious Italian food ever.

It was a week to get away with each other, just the three of us, traveling again, taking time out to spend it slowly, and savoring every beautiful day. Pictures first; more stories later…