On Palettes and Packing

I’m in an abstract state today, thinking of upcoming changes and travels. On Friday, we head cross-country, down South, on the move again.

My life is going into boxes–one item at a time. Keeping the essentials, throwing out the useless, storing the sentimental. I’ve narrowed it down to one box, full of paintbrushes and papers, journals, and summer clothes. I’ve downsized to three pairs of shoes and that is a huge feat in itself.

Our destination? Italy! We will be camped at the beautiful Lake Como.

You bet I’ll be blogging.

A Kid at Christmas

From the decorating of our house to unwrapping presents at midnight, Karsten was beside me this year, and I remembered what it was like to be an eager child again, reveling in the tinsel and glitter, looking forward to surprises, opening up those big boxes.

Sometimes we forget the wonder of the season, lost in its commercialism; caught up in its stress. But when my baby boy, on Christmas Eve, woke up at midnight to find the whole family gathered around our tree on a rare occasion, and joined in the fun, I was glad that I could see it through his eyes, and feel the magic in his smile.

I hope I never lose that feeling.