Light On Uganda

It’s been nearly eight years since I set foot on the red soil. It was my home for nearly four years. And there, I learned so much.

To live, to walk, to love, to know heartache, and death. And to keep on loving.

The memories I have in Uganda still seem like yesterday.

This Aquarelle is35x25 cm, and on sale for just €65, part of proceeds for charity. Payable via Paypal, with free shipping. Please contact me if interested.

Last week, the country celebrated its Jubilee, 50 years of Independence. I painted the portraits below to commemorate the beautiful there, who taught me about life, its challenges, its treasures.

I am selling these paintings to help raise funds for an orphan school in Gulu, North of Uganda. My friends, who are still working there, have some wonderful and needy projects happening in the war-torn rural parts.

(Photo above): school for orphans, in progress

This one below was sold yesterday, 70% of proceeds to start the collection for the orphan school.

Look out for more of my collection–let’s kick off the Christmas spirit of giving early! 🙂

“My Pinoy Life in Uganda” in Illustrado Magazine

So much has happened recently that I want tell you about, but this is a quick post before bed as Karsten has just gone down and I am preparing for two trips: One to Mindanao and one to Singapore.

In the meantime, here’s an article recently published in Illustrado magazine, a special magazine for Filipinos in the Middle East. It’s an honor to be asked to share my story about life in Uganda, hope you enjoy it!