Do You Ever Miss that Sound?

Potato seller in Kampala. Photo by Robin Yamaguchi

After living on Lake Como for five months, I realize how truly blessed I am to be in one of the most amazing, beautiful places on earth.

I also realize I miss chaos.

Growing up in chaotic Asian cities like Bombay, Bangkok and Manila, I knew what it was like to walk through crowded places, throngs of jam-packed people on trains and buses, questionable street food, smells and sights and sounds whizzing by, tickling every one of your senses—or clogging it.

There is always a dense humidity in the air, and the constant buzz of people.

Out here, in Western Europe, there isn’t much of that. There is peace, and quiet, there is amazing nature, there is untouched beauty. And there is so much to love about it.

But there is also a longing in my heart to get back to a little bit of the craziness of living, the things that may be not so tranquil, but force you to find a balance inside. I remember that feeling when shifting my way through the markets of Kampala, and once while watching a sunset on a busy beach in Colombo.

Some cities and towns in Italy do seem to have a nice mixture of both the unexpected, and the sublime.

Visiting Merano in the Spring

Have you ever found anywhere in the world during your travels that has a good balance—just enough stimulation, yet just enough silence?


One thought on “Do You Ever Miss that Sound?

  1. Bacolod City is a place I have found that has a nice balance. The MassKara Festival will be October 1-21 and the city will be a madhouse for 3 weeks but other than during special events, Bacolod has an excellent balance. It is a city that has been annually voted the Greenest, Cleanest and Most Liveable City in the Philippines. There are not usually any major traffic jams, Bacolod is not polluted, it is not over crowded and the crime rate is lower than in most cities. Violent crime in particular is not a major problem. Even one murder is too many but those type crimes are not common in our city. The Mayor and other City Officials are in the good governance mode, so corruption is not a major problem. Law and order has been a priority to make the city safe and it has paid great dividends. Many more expats are moving to Bacolod every month! It is both a great city to retire and a great place to raise a child.

    I know what it is like to live in Metro Manila and I did that the first time in 1986 and again in the year 2000. It is chaos! However, I experienced some great times in Manila in times past but since I am married now with a son, and getting older but not toooo old toooo fast, I really enjoy a more peaceful place like Bacolod City, yet there are many fun things to do. I have lived here full time the past 3 years and 3 months and I had extended 6 weeks of annual vacations in the city 3 years before our permanent move here.

    Life is great and it really is more fun in the Philippines!

    ~ Gary ~

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